Welcome !

Welcome on Underage Place

We're 18 bloggers all around the world,
and we want to share our love for fashion and culture.

I've created this blog to put on the blogosphere something real about youngs. Cause we're all found of fashion and cinema, music, drawings, photography, and so on, and there's not a real place for youngs on the Internet, whereas we're also so fond of Internet. So, here we are !

Underage is THE place to be for youngs (and not only youngs !) !

Everybody can contribute, and if you have some talent, show us !

We're craving for it !!

We may be just 18 youngs to write articles, but we have also permanent contributors, and we need you to complete our blog ! You have some blog, you do some amazing pictures, you have a band, you're a moviegoer, TELL US ! We want to know more about you, more about US. We're a community of youngs, and everybody can talk here.

Personnaly, I thought there weren't something enough good for teenagers on the Internet, something interesting, something talking about them, about their tastes ! We're so cosmopolite. In order to create such a place for us, I gathered lotta of bloggers, all around the earth, and so, we're now a team, we work together to show you the best of the young generations nowadays !

As Aivan Magno would say, MORE POWER TO US !

Elodie Hope Springs, Underage Place's creator.