About us

Aivan Magno

My name is Aivan Magno from the Manila, Philippines. I love Fashion, Interior Design,
Architecture and everything in between. I have dreams of becoming the next Andy Warhol,
Antoni Gaudí and Le Corbusier but with better hair!

Beccy Sophia

Beccy, 19, wild child, fashion & advertising.

Carolin Luddy

i'm carolin, 16 and from southern germany, stuttgart.
i love to see the world with all the different people,
cultures and hidden things you can discover.
i love meeting interesting people and see special places.
i love travelling, music, photography, literature, art, fashion.
i just love to discover each day a little bit more.


hi, I'm Charlie. I like photographs and music. Of course I also like fashion.

hey! I'm Claire and I am 14 and from the United States! I (obviously) love fashion,
but aside from that I love photography, drawing, reading, and of course traveling!

Hi, i'm Devon, 15 years old from New York State in the US. All art, music, and fashion inspires me,
and i love to travel and meet different people.


My name is Diana and I am a 15 year old teenager from Germany.
I love fashion. This may sound a bit boring but I think fashion is so much fun.
I love to dress up and to visit cool vintage stores in cities like Paris or Antwerpen.
I still wear two different earrings and I love sitcoms like "the Nanny" with Fran Drescher.


I'm Eliza. I'm seventeen, from Brisbane, Australia. Fashion, photography, art, popular culture and music are the centre of my universe and I love learning about the world and the people in it.


Hi, I'm Elodie, 16, and I had the idea to create this blog because I think there's no real blog FOR youngs !
Here we are :) I love fashion, of course, but also photography, MOVIES, i'm a real moviegoer, and music !



Hi, my name is Johanna and I´m a seventeener from Sweden, Europe. My biggest interest is clothes
and I´m fond of everything that´s old and worn out, with other words I´m a secondhand maniac!
Otherwise I´m in love with photography, likes the most kind of music and animals,
especially my own little schnauzer. Peace out folks!


Hi everyone! It's me Maddalena from a veeeery small town in Italy :) (Borgio Verezzi anybody knows?)
I'm quite an hyperactive person fond of nearly everything!
I love taking photos, reading, fashion, drama and singing.


Manon, 15 years old, France. I love all forms of art, especially photography.
I also read and write a lot, literature is one of my passion.
I can't live without music. And of course I'm fond of fashion!
I love creative people, and i spend a lot of time on the internet reading nice blogs.


Mélanie, 16, Europe, France, Paris. It's not very original to say that, like that,
but i love fashion and all the things like fashion shows, exibition or travel.


hello ! my name is Nicola and i am 18 , from Canada ! Of course , one of my biggest interests is fashion .
i also love music , photography , theatre, reading and living life !


Hi all! my name is Vienny i'm from Indonesia. 15 years old.
i really love drawings, and i do i love fashion too.