March 31, 2012

let's learn a bit of french

original music : paris by friendly fires
remix : aeroplane feat au revoir simone

March 9, 2012

How to store your jewellery.

A crazy or fun idea to store your jewellery and your beloved headbands. What do you think?

March 7, 2012

KONY 2012.

If you haven't already, I suggest you all watch this video. I'll let the video speak for itself.

The video is rather long (30 minutes), but trust me it is so worth it. 


March 6, 2012

through the eye of a fish.

bought a new fisheye camera and I think I'm in love with it. if any of you have the opportunity to get one, GET IT. definitely planning on taking it whenever I go on any vacations.

Bob Dylan cité de la musique

At the moment, there's in Paris at La cité de la musique an exhibition about Bob Dylan ! it begins today and there will be concerts, pictures and everything. for more infos :
for the occasion,the 9 of march, on the radio station FIP, there will from 9 in the evening to 7 in the morning the integral of Bob Dylan !! all the informations on :  Bob Dylan's night !!!!!!!!!!!

 pictures by Richard Avedon

Alexis Mabille's show made me glad.

Bows started to stream, bows everywhere, in all colours, and on all colours. Designed on tops, on vests, on skirts, on bracelets, on necks, but also, as always, on belts. Bows are also clutch bags

Songs followed each other, and the atmosphere was changing. 
We watched a lolita, candid, and naiv woman, and then someone confident, audacious, and even temptress. 

We must smile when listening to the song Petrole Pop, when models were walking in black a overwhelming black. 
Then, the joyful atmosphere comes back, the woman wants to go dancing, and the show finished in style by the song Afternoon (remixed) from the band Youth Lagoon, essentially famous for their clip entitled July. 

It seems that Alexis Mabille is not backwards in coming forwards : he wants to dress up every woman, from the most coquette to the most powerful, from the youngest to the most mature. Red is here also, and not only bit by bit. 
We see at Alexis Mabille's a collection well squared, in proportion as the songs follows each other, models evolve, we move from a bow monogram to kaki green, then to red, and to black. 

Concretely, why does this show make me glad ? Because I love the bow monogram. By watching the clothes processing, I though : "Oh my god, bows, bows, bows, more and more bows!!" and I thought to myself that yeah, absolutely, my addiction to bows is going to be legitimated one or two more years. Indeed, I don't buy Alexis Mabille's clothes, but, of course, this collection will influence those I will find soon in Zara. 

So, thank you Alexis Mabille.
I'll post soon the video I made of the show.

Elodie Hope Springs

For the french version :

March 5, 2012

Chinese man

I want to introduce you a french group called Chinese man
there third album "Racing With the sun" has been remixed by lots of artists and they gave birth to the album "Remix With the Sun" 
here is an extract from  there second album called "The Groove sessions volume 2" 
this song is "I've Got That Tune" 

and here a song extracted from the third album called "Get Up" which is more hip-hop
the remixed album is full of different styles like hip hop or even dubstep
so hope you'll enjoy xxXXxx