January 28, 2012


 Annyeong Haseyo
I just got back from Korea for the holidays (Christmas and New Year's Break) and let me share my experiences and outfit choices!

Day 1: Airport Hopping
 Lunching at Hong Kong International Airport
Day 2: Shop 'til you drop!
Namdaemun Market + Myeong-Dong + Dongdaemun Market

 Weather: from -5'c to 2'c
Day 3: Primitive Revival + COEX Mall
 Our itinerary got messed up because I got sick that day :(
Day 4: Temple Run
Changdeokgung Palace + Gyeongbokgung + NSeoul Tower

January 9, 2012


come on everybody ! WAKE UP !
it's time to post lot of things on Underage if you want to save it ! 
let's create.
so if you wanna wake up, I propose you to listen to that and to dance like her :
she's an amazing artist, you should really listen to her songs !!!
and also I would like to show you something australian that my penpal made me discover :)
PS : I have to say ... GIRL POWER !!

January 7, 2012

My mother made my new yera's resolutions for me so I have nothing to say about that ...
I'm just gonna wish you a happy new year ! hope lot of things will happen to you.

January 1, 2012

fashion resolutions

Hey guys,
2012 started and I have some fashion resolutions to make.

1. wear more grey tights!
2. buy more minimalistic clothes with clever details.

3. wear more white and just add some pastel colours.

4. don't be afraid of mixing prints and material.

5. put on some creamy and shiny lipstick!

6. Layer-look!

it's a new year!

My new year's resolution is to appreciate little things that make me happy more. A great CD, the flowers in my backyard, a pair of new shoes so comfortable they don't need wearing in, and getting ready for a party with my friends.

What is your new year's resolution?