September 30, 2011

what I'm listening to

I can't help but feel like there is no new music to buy at the moment, but heres whats on my october playlist:
Bruno Mars - Marry You

Katie Herzig - Way to the Future

Adele - Turning Tables

Adele - Someone Like You
(Love this music video--it's so simple it's amazing)

OneRepublic - Secrets

Katie Herzig - Make a Noise (can't find a video, sorry)

Demi Lovato - All Night Long
(had to include this one--such an amazing comeback album for a disney star, definitely much better than her disney pop albums *not that that is saying much, but still*)

Some old, some new, but I like it all.


September 22, 2011

invite people 
to take part 
to the Spring Summer 2012 catwalk show !

Fashion Week Dreams

Take a look at that :

even if you're not sure that you love fashion, take the time to watch this documentary from Loic Prigent and Mademoiselle Agn├Ęs, THE famous funny french journalists, and then let us your comment about that !
I'm pretty sure you will ADORE fashion after having watched that ! that's so incredible. even if you don't speak french also, coz a lot of people into the video speak english, and pictures talk for themselves !
Elodie Hope Springs

September 20, 2011


is already over. But this summer was amazing!
Just a few pictures;)

September 12, 2011

I am an aspiring fashion photographer/stylist :)
here is my photography portfolio :

Florence Grace, 15, Cardiff, tumblr