June 7, 2011

Germanys next Topmodel

Once again, a season of Germanys next Topmodel is nearly over- on Thursday is the big final.
It started in March this year, 13374 girls/women went to the casting and it's hosted by Heidi Klum.

Sometimes this show seems to be stupid because it's full of clichées, but in my opinion it's entertaining, and you can learn a lot about fashion and modeling.

I'm pretty excited because my favourite girl since the top 20 is in the final, so it's going to be a big event on thursday. It's in Cologne in a big Arena and Lady Gaga is going to perfom. Oh damn, I missed buying tickets, it's already sold-out. crryyy.

And I would like to introduce the last 6 girls !

left: Anna-Lena
right: Jana

I don't really like both of them. Anna-Lena is quite pretty but she used to be really bitchy to the other girls and swears the whole time, I think she's just not a "topmodel". And -in my opinion- Jana has not such a pretty face as the other girls...
Anna-Lena was in the top 5 but then she had to go, Jana is in the final.

left: Sihe
right: Rebecca

I kind of liked Sihe, she was very cute and it's special to have a platinblonde-bob as an asian girl. But she was just not a good model and I'm honestly wondering why she made it in the top 6...
Rebecca.. Yeah she's quite pretty but I don't like her personality. She's also very bitchy and always laughing and it's just annoying.. She has to be the best everywhere and aaargh... But she's good and she's in the final.

left: Aleksandra
right: Amelie

Those to girls were my favourite girls from the very first moment! they're SO pretty and cute! Aleksandra has the prettiest face and the cutest voice ever. And Amelie is just 16 years old and I adore her hair. She's so talented in everything she does- she's playing theatre, is dancing ballet and is such a funny and always-in-a-good-mood-girl. Aleks had to leave in the half-final, Amelie is in the final.

So the finalists are:
Jana, Rebecca, Amelie

xxx carolin


  1. Wooow!These girls are just stunning!

  2. i've never watched but I really want to! I love love the girl on the bottom right, beautiful :)


  3. I have to see Miss Klum hosting this show!!!
    thanks for sharing!

  4. ich bin eigentlich für jana, weil sie einfach am meisten "model" ist.....amelie find ich iwie seltsam ...:D

  5. you are really beautiful :)! love your blog - inspirational.

    come check out mine:

  6. I liked Anna-Lena but her personality...eh...

    Well anyways as always whatever country it is, the "challenges" aer always random ridiculous stuff.

  7. I like the picture of Anna-Lena, they're all beautiful!
    Thank you for your comment. I first looked for a Chanel lipstick as well, but when I saw this lovely YSL lipstick, I had to buy it!
    Do you wanna follow each other? If so, just follow me and I'll follow back!



  8. That challenge with the bees is the same as the america's next top model! FOund it so scary!!


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