May 10, 2011

Travel Essentials

I'm venturing off to America with one of my closest friends, and i need to pack.
So far, i'm not really getting anywhere with this packing. but these are the first things i packed..
1. Makeup Bag,
i've had this bag for years and years, my mum bought it for me when i was younger and its got all these cute little keepsakes and poloroids in the pockets of it... its amazing.
2. Chanel 2.55,
my baby. big enough to lug around all my useless crap, and small enough to use for evening aswell. You can wear it with anything, its wonderful.

i literally go no where without these badboys. you can wear them anytime, anyplace.
3.Ray-ban Wayfarers

4. Notepad.
5. Ipod
6. Iphone
7. Benefit Blusher
8. Photoready foundation, revlon.
9. Mac lipstick, fanfare.

What are your travel essentials?

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