April 1, 2011

things we need to do in spring!

finally! well, at least on one side of the world it's spring!
the trees get green, the sun strong, flowers get colored, the days get longer and the feeling of live ist infinite!
I always have so many plans for things I want to do in spring, so I'd love to share them with you.
here are my first ideas.

1. get spring music.
for a perfect spring we need perfect music! music which makes us feel just happy and makes us wanna dance and do spontanous silly things! It doesn't matter which song, you have to find it for yourself. It's this special song, which just make you smile the whole day and feel like everything is amazing.

2. get spring clothes.
bye bye black, knitwear, thick coats and scarfs! hello skirts, light stuff, bright colors. hello sunglasses! wear how you feel! spring can make you wanna fly, so you should better wear light stuff, otherwise you'll stay on the ground.

3. ignore school.
spring is always the worst time for school. midyear exams, or the last important exams... so you shouldn't "ignore" the school completely, but don't care about bad marks! stay in a good mood, study in the sun, study in the citypark while eating the first icecream. And then: plan you're next holidays. ypringholidays are coming soon, so you have something to look forward during the grey schooltime!

okay, for me, I need to go back in the sun, i'm sorry !
but i wil tell you soon more !
have a nice few first warm days!


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