April 20, 2011

olé, ombré!

This trend has been around for a while now, but, due to lack of funds (damn not having a job!) I've only just got around to dipping my toes into the trend.

Going ombré is an amazing way to have a bit of fun with your hair, because it is just so versatile. You can go nice and subtle, if you're still in school, like me, or go all out and make a wild statement. The trend is also flattering for just about anyone, because there are so many colour variations you can go for.

The best part though, is that having ombré hair is an economical way to look on-top-of-the-trends, because it's essentially a glorified 'hair colour growing-out' look, which means that touch-ups can be as frequent or infrequent as your funds allow.

So without further ado, allow me to show you some of my favourite ombré looks, and of course, introduce you to my own.

please excuse my slightly shocked expression and wonky fringe: my hair wasn't having any of it today!
I've only gone fairly subtle for my first foray into the world of ombré, but next time I plan on making it a little more obvious. I'm rather to keen to push the boundaries and see how far I can go without being told off for having outrageous hair at school.

As for when I finish school? Bring on the pink, blue and green, I say!



  1. OMBRE! love it, wish i had lucious hair in order to dye it, booooo :(


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