April 20, 2011


I'm sure you've heard about Coachella 2011 everywhere, that music event that no one living in California would miss... But the truth is that the most interesting thing in Coachella, the only thing that makes it totally different from the other music events is FASHION. Even if it's not your style, indie clothes make that time really special and unique, and there are lots of ways to make that indie style yours. Here are some of my favourite looks:

Kate Bosworth
Chanel Iman
Nicole Richie

And now the keys to get an indie look!
Cropped Tops, hell yeah!
Welcome fringed bags! Goodbye clutches!
Feather extensions of all the types! And if you don't wanna change a little bit your hair, try those handbands you can find anywhere or simply feather earrings. FEATHERS MANIA is here guys!
Cut off shorts. In any color, any print or simply denim. It's gonna be the key item of this summer!
Circle sunglasses that you could find anywhere (topshop, for example). They look vintage and hippie without doubt (:
Which ones would you definetively get? Anyone went to Coachella?

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  1. I have a shot and top like that :D
    but now I only want those awesome glasses!

    xxx London & Paris


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