April 2, 2011



...but not for us Southern Hemisphere people.

Hey, we get autumn though, and if you ask me, after a long, hot, summer, that can be just as good. Especially with this seasons trends, which, if you ask me, are shaping up to be some of the best I've seen in the past few years:

  • Winter Shorts
Worn with black, coloured or patterned tights; boots, loafers or brogues; and a pussy-bow blouse, layered shirts and jackets, or a cashmere sweater, a pair of winter shorts in essential this season. Made of heavier fabric than your summer cut-offs (think leather, tweed or suede), winter shorts are incredibly versatile, and are a great transeasonal piece.

both from weheartit.com

  • The New Long Skirts
The maxi skirt is still hanging around, as are pencil skirts and leather mini's, but if you really want to look on-top-of the trends, the sheer maxi and the calf-length skirt's are where it's at. You can wear the sheer maxi with bare legs in autmn to provide a bit of cover, and then wear a pair of skin-toned tights underneath when the winter chill hits, as this trend guarantees to stick around for a little while longer. It's an easy way to show a bit of skin, without really showing any skin at all. The calf-length skirt is inspired by the Mad Men fever that taken the world by storm. It's classy, elegant, and refined: that is, if you pair it with a cropped cardi, a ladylike lipstick, and a pair of ballet flats, but don't be fooled into think this is a one-trick-pony. The calf length skirt also looks great with a leather jacket, a pair of wild heels, and a buckload of confidence.

  • The Cape
I adore capes. They fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, are comfy and are extremely chic. Go for classic black, or combine two trends into one with a gorgeous camel cape, or, if you feel brave, go for bright red. The trick with capes is to keep the rest of your outfit streamlined: this is no time for wide-legged trousers and billowly blouses. Instead, stick to a pair of tights, or slim-fitting pants, with an itty-bitty sweater, and allow your cape to be the star or the outfit. Also be careful that you don't buy your cape too big. You want a cut that allows room for a jumper underneath, but nothing that will swamp your fram or make your shoulders look hunched!


  • Red
This colour is having mini-moment. Red is having a re-invention is new and exciting fabrics, being worked back with different colours, and proving that it is in fact, an extremely versatile shade. Red looks fantastic with black and/or white, brilliant with the season's other hottest shade, camel, and in you're the rule-breaking type, clashed with bright pink. Try out red as an accent, as a clutch or a pair of shoes, if you're not one for standing out, or go the whole way with a dress or pair of jeans, paired with neutrals, if you like being the centre of attention. Experiment!


You want to know what the best part is? Winter shorts, calf-length skirts, and capes can all be found vintage, and sheer maxi's and red accessories are easily made. This season's trends are accessable, for any one, no matter you budget or style. Have fun!



  1. Gorgeous photos. Great inspiration. Love your blog.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
    Karoline Kalvo

  2. I do agree so much with what you wrote, really!
    Yes, these trends are really accessable! :)


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