March 14, 2011

model behavior.

At six feet tall, this all american model is undeniably pretty and I am clearly not the only one to think this, she walked the runways at nyfw and is the face of marc jacobs lola perfume. 

"Karlie Kloss, the supermodel, catwalk star, covergirl, Prada favourite, and 'face' of Christian Dior, is just 18 years old and has yet to finish school."
"I'm not graceful. I'm one of those tall, lanky, awkward kids,"
Modeling, Kloss says, "is about movement, about rhythm, about your body and your muscles. Ballet really taught me so much about the power of movement."
"Karlie's one of the most inspiring models I've worked with in 27 years," Pita says while re-coiffing her dark blond hair. "She gets it. The job of a model is to transform, and she's the great transformer."
But Kloss says she'd rather walk on the plain old concrete of some of the smaller shows than on the glossy plastic or glass she encounters in the high-concept ones.

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