March 17, 2011

marc by marc.

Hey guys!

My name is Eliza, but everyone call me Liza, so I'll go by that :)

I'm new here. I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I sound highly unoriginal saying this, but I'm crazy about fashion, photography, art, music, writing, and sewing. I'm seventeen and in my final year of high school. Next year I hope to study either writing or fashion at university, and then go on to work in one of those fields. On UNDERAGE, you'll get all sorts of posts from me: basically a snapshot of my life in Brisbane. It's not the most interesting place in the world, but there are some pretty great things here, and I can't wait to share them with you.

But, Brisbane is really, really, really, unimportant this week, because, that's right, it's UNDERAGE's Fashion Week blogging week at the moment. I'll confess, I'm actually terrible at keeping up with Fashion Week. Generally I rely on magazines and other blogs to get me through, not to mention, living on the other side of the world has it's problems... I feel quite out of touch of it all sometimes.

But I've been doing a bit better this Fashion Week, and I've managed to keep a track of the shows that I've loved. The list is rather long, so I won't go into it too far, but Marc by Marc Jacobs was definitely one of favourites. I've always loved the seventies-gone-forties kind of vibe, and Mr Jacobs perfected the look, if you ask me.

Here are a couple of my favourite looks:

photos from
Give me anything shaggy-ish, leopard print-ish, pussy-bow-ish, ankle-sock-ish or wide-legged-trouser-ish, and you'll have me falling in love.


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