February 26, 2011

You won't be able to know if you loved or loathed this movie.

Yesterday night, at 11.30 p.m, I was on my seat, shocked.
I watched Black Swan.
And so, I have to tell you about it.
It's simple : watching Black Swan makes you feel everything you can feel in life.
When the story begins, you feel the stress with Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman), she has a nightmare, you have a nightmare too, she's shocked by Beth M's reaction (an "old" ballerina), you're shocked also. You move from one state to another. You feel excitement, effervescence, fear, nervousness, you're concentrated when Nina Sayers began her suite of "déboulés" (word in french for a series of quick turns on alternating feet with progression along a straight line or circle. we can also talk about "chainés"), etc etc.
All the pressure Nina has, you have too.
This movie takes your mind and takes it to Nina Sayer's own mind.
I don't want to do spoilers, because even if the movie came out lotta of days ago,
some people hasn't watch it yet.
For my part, I wanted to watch it before the Academy Awards (or the Oscars) on Sunday night. And I cross my fingers for Black Swan (and above all, Natalie Portman !!).
 Because that's just really really really really a great movie. Even if I couldn't say if I loved it, really. It's so shocking, it's so wonderful, it's so terrible, it's upsetting, shattering!
You have to watch it, really.

I'm pretty sure the movie set has been exhausting for everybody.
 Good luck for watching this movie, and tell me what you're thinking about ! I'm waiting for comments !

(Tavi, the great style rookie blogger made a long article, so interesting, about the movie, and the costums, wonderful ballet costums, created by the Rodarte sisters, whom she knows well. By the way, she's so right when she says in her title : "I would offer a quote from the film but they're basically all screaming and creepy music".)

Elodie Hope Springs - Europe, France

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