February 1, 2011

It's still time to say "Happy New Year !"

Yes, we're the 1st of February and it's still time to remember about our new year eve !


 C'est assez marrant, toute cette excitation avant le nouvel an. Ce n'est pourtant qu'une fête de plus, mais tout le monde se persuade que ça va être la fête de l'année et personne ne veut ne rien avoir à raconter de sa soirée le 1er janvier au matin. Cette année, j'avais le choix entre deux soirées... J'ai choisi la plus tranquille, avec mes copines de collège, ambiance danses, Wii, (faux) champagne et robes. Rien de très excitant, mais on s'est bien amusées quand même. Et au moins, je n'avais pas la gueule de bois en me réveillant le lendemain matin, juste un peu la tête dans le pâté après une courte nuit de 2h. Soyons honnêtes, personne ne commence l'année du bon pied le 1er janvier, si? La plupart des gens passent leur première journée de l'année à somnoler devant les programmes merdiques du 1er janvier. Pas franchement le meilleur jour pour se fixer de bonnes résolutions totalement dépourvues de sens. Et deux jours plus tard, il a fallu reprendre le chemin des cours et le quotidien a repris le dessus. Je vous re-souhaite une bonne année, il parait qu'on peut le faire jusqu'au 31 janvier! :)

Funny thing, all the excitement before New year's eve. This is just another party after all, but everyone is convinced that it will be the party of the year and nobody wants to have nothing to tell about his party on January 1rst in the morning. This year, I had to choose between two parties ... I chose the most calm, with my friends from college : dancing, Wii, (fake) champagne and dresses. Nothing really exciting, but we had fun anyway. And at least I did not have a hangover when I woke up the next morning, just a little heads in the block after a short 2 hours night. Let's be honest, no one starts the year off right on January 1, if? Most people spend their first day of the year watching crappy programs of January 1rst. Not exactly the best day to set good totally meaningless resolutions. And two days later we have to go back to school and the  has taken over. Happy New Year again, it seems we can wish it until January 31! :)

Manon Potet



My new years was insane. My best friend had a party at her house, where the kids went crazy. It was so explosive it took 4 hours to clean up the next day. Blood on the doorknob says a lot...
Sideara 9


My NYE was wonderful. Just wonderful.
The most wonderful night you can spend.
I can't say anything else.
I was with nearly ALL my friends near the beach, and I just enjoyed so much.
The word "Enjoy" is not enough I think actually.
 But the next morning..I felt, so, mmh, lonely !
It's always the same feeling after this kind of parties I think !
Elodie Hope Springs


In Germany new years eve is called 'Silvester' and my 'Silvester' was pretty cool.
I celebrated with my cousin (on the picture) and another friend (not on th picture, couldn't ask her if I was allowed to show this picture on this blog).
We watched lots of movies like 'Clueless' or'Grown ups' and we ate some delicious food in Germany it's called Raclette.
Ohh and of corse we talked and laughed a lot.
All in all my new years eve was really cool and I had so much fun :)

Silvester war wunderbar.
Ich habe mit meiner Cousine (auf dem Bild) und mit einer anderen sehr guten Freundin gefeiert (leider nicht auf dem Bild, weil ich sie nicht fragen konnte, ob ich ein Bild von ihr veröffentlichen darf).
Wir haben viele Filme geschaut wie "Cueless" oder "Kindsköpfe". Und wir haben Raclette gegessen. Natürlich haben wir auch viell geredet und gelacht.
Mein Silvester war also sher schön und sehr spaßig.

 Diana Zur Lowen

Have a good year ! ! !

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