February 27, 2011

INTERVIEW - Hope Bidinger


The lovely Hope hasn't just a great name (it means "espoir" in french, isn't that wonderful)... She also has a great style that she exposes on her blog, Simply Hope style. I let you discover this young 15 year old girl...

Can you please introduce yourself for people who don't know you?
I am Hope Bidinger and I have a fashion blog, "Simply Hope".

Why and when have you started your fi
rst blog?
I started blogging last March in 2010 and instantly fell in love wi
th it! Blogging is so fun and I love to look at other fashion blogger's blogs!

What do you like in fashion?
In fashion I love pretty much everything! From thrift shops to dro
oling over high end designer items. My favorite magazine of all time is Marie Claire, I read it ALL the time! My favorite designers are Balmain and Balenciaga.

It's a quite difficult question i think, but anyway : how could you describe your own style?
My own style is definitely a polished edge, bohemian, and a bit of girly! I love to mix things up time to time.

Who are your fashion icons?
Rachel Zoe ALL THE WAY! I also really like Whitney Port's sty

Where do you shop?
I love to shop online because I really can't stand crowded stores. Forever21, H&M, Urbanoutfitters, Urbanog.com, and Lulus.com!

Do you have others passions, except fashion ?
I do hip hop. I absolutely love to dance!

What inspires you in general?
The environment that I want to be in, such as New York, Milan, Paris, etc... and definitely inspiring to me! Also looking through my Marie Claire's.

What are your last crush in fashion, music, book and cinema?
Fashion-wise I definitely have a crush on graphic tees and earcuffs, they give an outfit such personality. Music-wise Chris Brown has been putting out some great songs lately! Movie-wise I really want to see "Rango", because Johnny Depp is voicing the main character. I don't read much books though... definitely should start reading more!

What's your vision of our teenager generation?
I love this question. For our teenage generation, I would love for everyone to be able to express themselves in their own unique way and not think twice about it!

What are your favorite blogs and websites?
Fashiontoast, Stylescrapbook, colormenana.blogspot.com, life-size-paperdoll.blogspot.com, and sooo much more!

And last but not least...What are your desires (not only fashion) for this spring-summer? :)
Definitely going to fashion camp again! It is such a wonderful experience! Also taking drivers ed, going up to my hometown Chicago, a hip hop camp, and having a blast with all my friends and family.

Thanks to Hope Bidinger, and thanks to Diana zur Löwen for giving me the link of Hope's blog.
All pictures have been taken on Hope's blog.

Manon Potet.

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  1. Awww! She's amazing! Seriously amazing! I love so much her blog and her style! I've been reading her posts for some time now and the only thing I have to say is that the girl knows fashion!!!! She's pretty and she can pull off every piece! She's definitely gonna do pretty things in the fashion industry!


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