February 18, 2011

Fashion for a better world.

The last few weeks I spent a lot of time thinking about environment friendly living and where exactly all the stuff comes from, what we wear, what we eat, what we buy.
It's a fact that most of the clothes we wear are made by poor people who get really little money for making the whole day our clothes, we buy for cheap or much money in our luxury shops.
people who live and work under worst conditions and couldn't ever dream about living like we do. Have you ever thought where your tshirt comes from?
The shirt i'm wearing is from bangladesh. My shoes are from india. Maybe the people who made them get enough money, have a save place where they work and can live in acceptable conditions. but how do I know? And then, how do I know where the cotton, my shirt is made of, comes from? 99% of all cotton is produced in 3world-countries where the cotton-growers get nearly nothing for the cotton, because we are beating down the prices to the very bottom. That's just not fair!
The solution: fairtrade clothing! Fairtrade makes sure that the planters get a fair price for their cotton.
And have you ever thought about how much chemical and toxic things are in this cotton?!
Fertilizing the cotton makes a white tshirt have a co2 emission of 2kg. A fertilizer which is not good for our's and the world's health.
The solution: organic cotton! (read more about organic cotton here!)
It's not an offense to anyone who hasn't think about these things yet, but in my opinion we live in a time where we should start thinking more about that.

And to show you, that fairtrade and organic cotton clothes can be really really adorable, I'm going to show you some nice pieces of annie greenabelle clothing today.

We don't have to buy only fairtrade and organic clothes. but if we can, we should. it's a start and a message to the world to change something!!

pictures by anniegreenable.com
post by carolin luddy

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