January 5, 2011

To watch, to listen, to read. #2

To watch
Hey guys, today is THE beautiful day of the coming out of Somewhere, Sofia Coppola's movie.

I've written something about it there so if you're not really attracted by this kinda movie, just read my article "sofia coppola soit tu adores soit tu t'endors!" and try to understand who really sofia coppola is and what she does.
You know she's my director idol so I can't give you a neutral opinion but Somewhere is really worth of paying a cinema ticket ! ! !
Tomorrow I'll post here my critic about it (I didn't want to post it before it came out coz you know spoilers...;/ ). J need your opinions about it !!! Maybe we'll can do a collective post with all the readers' opinions ! It would be so fun, but I need you ! I hope you'll like it. It's THE movie to see this week, I can't let me advise you an other, I'm just too much fan of Sofia, Elle Fanning, Stephen Dorf, how the boredom is shown in it, the soundtrack...
I'll tell you everything tomorrow.

To listen : 
The bird and the bee - I'm into something good & My love.
(and the other songs we posted here these last days)

To read :
Amelie Nothomb (french writter translated in lotta of countries) : all their books, but especially
Metaphysique des tubes (The Character of Rain)
Le Voyage d'Hiver
Biographie de la Faim,
Stupeur et tremblements.
(french titles, sorry, I didn't find the translated titles)

Elodie Hope Springs-France-Europe

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