January 22, 2011

 "Le calme du ciel, graffitis bleu et blanc; c'est quand vos yeux sont clos qu'ils voient le mieux; il est le seul à m'entrainer vers le point où tout disparait; je voudrais m'acheter un escalier pour le paradis."

"The calm of the sky, graffiti white and blue; that's when your eyes are closed, you see the best; he's the only one who pull me to the point where everything disappears; I would like to buy stairs to heaven."

 I'm just mad of TUMBLR !


Text from Sasha Sperling, a french young author, who published his first book at 18 "Mes illusions donnent sur la cour" (the title used to be a famous quote of Serge Gainsbourg ). You must read Juliette's article about this amazing book.

Elodie Hope Springs

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