January 22, 2011

flickr favorites

I'm a photographer and member of the website flickr.com (http://flickr.com/sideara). These are some random favorites of mine that I think are particularly beautiful :) Enjoy!

these photos are by allison scarpulla . shes brilliant and her photos all have a peculiar energy and magical feel to them. i love her work.

these were taken by aela labbe . her photos have a soft, childhood memoryness in them which is nice to look at . and cute kids.

by Raul Flores H. talented fashion photographer.. i think i posted the set of that ultraviolet makeup once on my blog. its sooo amazing ahh hahahah.

Tamara Lichtenstein - youve probably seen her work before, its all over tumblr n such. shes really amazing and has a distinct style also, check her ouut!

Kyle Scully - creative, adventurous, quirky photos. very talented and knows how to attractively portray a gal. looking at his photos makes me wonder what kind of life he lives.

hope you enjoyed them as much as i do :)
Sideara 9,  United States, California

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