December 30, 2010

Nimble fingers

So i have recently finished making a dress and a playsuit from pattern peices. It was quite daunting at first, but after a while you learn to understand the language and posh words and its actually quite easy. It took me about a day to make each item, but it's well worth it, i wear my dress all the time now.
I would love to be able to get some vintage pattern pieces, but they are rare and are quite expensive now, but i think its a great idea to make clothes out of vintage patterns to make one-off pieces.

"-Alors you love me ? You love me et personne d'autre ? -Personne d'autre."

Title : "-So, you love me ? You love me, and no one else ?
          -No one else."

Hier, j'ai revu La Boum 2 pour la millième fois peut etre.
Yesterday, I watched La Boum 2, and it was maybe the 1000th time I watched it.

Vic & Peneloppe

Et bon, bah, c'est toujours aussi jouissif.
And so, you know, it's always really "pleasurable", so funny.

Les dialogues, les images, le style des personnages, tout.
The discussions, the pictures, the characters' clothes, everything.


December 29, 2010


Let me introduce you two creative girls from Germany called  Hanna Janzen and Inga Stichling who design bags which are very popular here in Germany.

Just have a look!

fashion sketches

fashion sketches.

Luc Royer Dillon.

Emily Karlsson

Hello! I just want say that I'm new on this lovely blog and I hope you will enjoy my looks. Well, anyway.. this is my latest look on LOOKBOOK and I would be glad to have your opinions. xx

Jeans - Cheap Monday, Sweatshirt - American Apparel, Necklace - Vintage, T-shirt - MTWTFSS, Shoes - Carin Wester "Blackbird Blackbird" by Emily Karlsson

To watch, to listen, to read #1

This week, Underage-Place advises you to :

  Watch at the cinema :

The Tourist, a very good movie which just came out in France last week, and everybody's talking already about it, thanks to the fact that it's the remake of our famous french movie, Anthony Zimmer.
Angelina Jolie has a very good role, Johnny Depp seems to be an extra beside her. Both of them plays really well the desire. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, the director, did a really good choice of actors : actually, for the part in France, he choose french actors, in Italy italians actors, in England, english actors, and for the russia "part", russian actors.
The movie's aesthetic is perfect, and there's MUSE singing at the generic. What else can we say ? Nothing.

You can also watch Nowhere Boy, which seems a very good movie, but nobody's talking about it (thanks to american productions for children, like Raiponce, Megamind, Narnia...). We also advise you Life As We Know It (Bébé Mode d'emploi, in french), because there's Katherine Heigl, because she is a really good actress and because it's a good romantic comedy so why not watching it ? Today's the day of coming out (in France), so maybe you should watch Love and Other Drugs (with Anne Hathaway and Jack Gyllenhall, about Parkinson illness), and Baciami ancora (Encore un baiser, for french people, and mmh in english it gives Still a kiss ? that's the suite of "Just a kiss").

Actually, we can't advise you to watch Another Year (Mike Leigh's last movie) because that's just not a movie for youngs, you won't like it, that's terribly boring for us (2 hours of movie, 30 minutes for one season).

For french, only :
You should watch absolutely
-A bout portant
-Pieds nus sur les limaces
-Un balcon sur la mer
-Les émotifs anonymes
...absolutely not :
-Mon pote

   To listen :

Angus & Julia Stone because they're just wonderful.

Bon Iver (again and again, every winter and every year)
Sexy Sushi
I'm from Barcelona, and especially Headphones.
Le Tigre, and especially "Tonight"

Listen the playlist :)

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   To read :
Blankets is a comic written by Craigh Thompson. The main character is called just like him. Thompson tells us his own life without many words, but with pictures and emotions. It is about his strict education, his early adulthood and about his first big love: Raina.

Craigh grows up in the federal state of Wisconsin, which is a conservative, religious, poor and loveless area. His brother and him are excepted by their classmates, beaten by their father and abused by their babysitter. They take refuge in their own dreamworld of drawing. Later Craigh tries to find his way in religon. But then Raina steps into his life and everything changes...

-Frédéric Beigbeder, 99 Francs (traduced in 21 languages all around the world), L'amour dure trois ans (not traduced I think), etc etc
(You can watch a short movie created from the novel L'amour dure trois ans : L'amour dure trois minutes (love lasts 3 minutes))

It's enough for this week,
Jelena Ilic, Luc Royer, Elodie Hope Springs
Thanks to Romane Dumonteil & Marion Cardouat.

you look like what i feel like when im with you

shoulda known - atmosphere
Sideara 9, California

new shoes on the block;

The new collection from Nicholas Kirkwood is arrived. Unique style (maybe a bit repetitive) the one of the young british designer. Extravagant sculptural forms and uppers, sandals with veeeery high heels and an incredible variety of materials and colors. The collection will arrive in shops by the end of January. NK;

Maddalena - Italy - Europe

December 28, 2010

Frippery !

A Bordeaux, comme à Paris et comme ailleurs à travers le monde, dans n'importe quelle grande ville, on trouve des cafés partout, la journée comme le soir, des grands magasins, des musées, des trammways, des gens quoi.
Dorénavant on peut aussi trouver des fripes un peu partout ! Friperie...un bien grand mot ! Ceci est un nom féminin, ce sont des petites boutiques où l'on peut trouver des fringues stylées pour pas cher et originales ne se comptent plus ! C'est surprenant tout ce qu'on peut y trouver, ou ne pas y trouver justement. Car, la fripe, c'est une question de gout et par dessus tout une question de temps : une fois dans une vraie fripe ayant du contenu, il faut prendre son temps pour fouiller. C.f la bloggeuse Typhaine Augusto qui est un peu une professionnelle au niveau fripes !

In Bordeaux, like in Paris and all around the world, in any big place, we can find coffees, all the day and night, department stores, museums, trammways, actually people. From now on, we can also find secondhand clothes shops. Frippery...a big word ! That's a feminine noun, and according to Wikipedia : This little shops where we can find a lot of fashionables clothes, cheap and originals, can't be count now !
That's surprising all we can find over there, or not findprecisely. Because, the secondhand clothe, that's a question or taste and above all of time : when you are in a shop like this with lotta of contents, you have to spend a lot of time in, to examine closely. Take a look at the blogger Typhaine Augusto which is a "professional" of secondhand clothes !

Etant bordelais, je vous liste ici toutes les fripes visitées ou pas de Bordeaux, à voir ou pas, là où on devra fouiller longtemps avant de trouver un trésor, ou les fripes plus pratiquables, plus H&M vintage !

Being from Bordeaux, I list here all the secondhand clothes where I went or not in Bordeaux, where you should go or not, where you'll have to examine closely before finding a tresure, or the secondhand clothes shops more accesible, more "H&M vintage" !

Friendship never ends !

The Spice Girls are Oceane, Amandine, Helene and Estelle. Spice Girls? That's their nickname at drama, because they are always together, distributing mood everywhere, all the time laughing, jumping, having fun. The Spice Girls are friends of mine, in fact. Not know 'em long time, but having "shooted" them for one all day made me closer to them. Well, now you know what is a shooting in just one morning, I'll not tell you in great length this shoot, because it would be much too long, but I have to tell u who they really are.
What is cool when you meet a group like that is that I immediately wanted to take pictures of them in fact. Well, they are not aware, but from the first drama time, I was taped, shocked. The Spice Girls is a cohesive group, but so different in the end. These girls, I will be obliged to introduce them one by one, just because presenting just the group would not give them their proper value.


"Make up before tonight"
"Séance de maquillage avant ce soir"

sparkle on my head

In three we'll probably clink our glasses together and celebrate the new year. And today I was in the mood for this celebrating look you wear on New years eve. So I chose this really cool hat with sequins and these cool tighgts by Primark. The dress makes everything look a bit more elegant.
Hope you like it :)
In drei Tagen werden iwr wahrscheinlich unsere Gläser zusammenstoßen und das neue Jahr feiern. Heute war ich schon ein bisschen in dieser Silvesterstimmung und deshalb musste ich einfach diesen coolen Hut und diese zweiseitige Strumpfhose von Primark anziehen. Das Kleid sollte das Outfit ein bisschen mehr elegant aussehen lassen.
Ich hoffe es gefällt euch :)
dress, skirt, tights, bag: Primark hat: my mom
A few pictures of my (not wonderful-I-lost-my-cat) Christmas eve, and my Christmas day.

Elodie Hope Springs.

December 27, 2010

bow tie

Urban Outfitters grey skirt and black shoes // black H&M top //light violett 7 for all men kind shirt// dotted Primark tights // vintage black bow tie // black velvet Mulberry for Target bag (I think I might be in love love love)


Karolina Kurkova should stop being so perfect, because she's getting on my nerves

Some inspirations taken from the ELLE France of last August week (2010, special fashion)
Quelques inspirations tirées du ELLE France de la dernière semaine d'aout (2010, numéro spécial Mode)

Actually, these are the Christmas' present I'll never have but I'll always wish.
En fait, ce sont les cadeaux de Noel que je n'aurai jamais, mais que je désirerais toujours.

Elodie Hope Springs.

This sweat where I’d love to snuggle up in.
Cette veste dans laquelle je me blotirais.

This dufflecoat which is so…mmh, perfect ? But Maybe it’s because it is weared by Karolina. B****.
Ce dufflecoat que je trouve tellement...parfait ? Mais c'est peut etre parce que il est porté par Karolina. P***.

This cloak which is so original and so fashionable at the same time.
Cette cape, tellement originale et stylée à la fois.


A bit seeming like Kate Moss’ ad for Isabel Marant ? Take a look ! YeS, sure, Karolina is more provocative, you know, and beside her, Kate Moss stands more for someone distinguished, a little bit more “a french cliché” I think ! But I’m quite sure this picture is inspired by Isabel Marant’s ad !
Cela ressemble un peu à la pub de Kate Moss pour Isabel Marant, non ? Regardez ! Bien sur, Karolina est beaucoup plus provocante, et à coté d'elle, Kate Moss représente davantage quelqu'un de distingué, un peu plus "french cliché" je pense. Mais je suis presque sure que cette photo est inspirée par la pub d'à coté !
And actually, I show you some good pictures I loved in this editorial.
Et maintenant, je vous montre quelques photos que j'ai adoré dans cet éditorial.

A bit perfect, no ?

A bit Lady Gaga, no ?

To finish, a last picture from the ELLE « School is not finished ».
What can I say ? Nothing. Karolina Kurkova impresses me.

Pour finir, une dernière image du Elle "L'école n'est pas finie".
Qu'est-ce que je peux rajouter ? Rien. Karolina Kurkova m'impressionne.