December 29, 2010

To watch, to listen, to read #1

This week, Underage-Place advises you to :

  Watch at the cinema :

The Tourist, a very good movie which just came out in France last week, and everybody's talking already about it, thanks to the fact that it's the remake of our famous french movie, Anthony Zimmer.
Angelina Jolie has a very good role, Johnny Depp seems to be an extra beside her. Both of them plays really well the desire. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, the director, did a really good choice of actors : actually, for the part in France, he choose french actors, in Italy italians actors, in England, english actors, and for the russia "part", russian actors.
The movie's aesthetic is perfect, and there's MUSE singing at the generic. What else can we say ? Nothing.

You can also watch Nowhere Boy, which seems a very good movie, but nobody's talking about it (thanks to american productions for children, like Raiponce, Megamind, Narnia...). We also advise you Life As We Know It (Bébé Mode d'emploi, in french), because there's Katherine Heigl, because she is a really good actress and because it's a good romantic comedy so why not watching it ? Today's the day of coming out (in France), so maybe you should watch Love and Other Drugs (with Anne Hathaway and Jack Gyllenhall, about Parkinson illness), and Baciami ancora (Encore un baiser, for french people, and mmh in english it gives Still a kiss ? that's the suite of "Just a kiss").

Actually, we can't advise you to watch Another Year (Mike Leigh's last movie) because that's just not a movie for youngs, you won't like it, that's terribly boring for us (2 hours of movie, 30 minutes for one season).

For french, only :
You should watch absolutely
-A bout portant
-Pieds nus sur les limaces
-Un balcon sur la mer
-Les émotifs anonymes
...absolutely not :
-Mon pote

   To listen :

Angus & Julia Stone because they're just wonderful.

Bon Iver (again and again, every winter and every year)
Sexy Sushi
I'm from Barcelona, and especially Headphones.
Le Tigre, and especially "Tonight"

Listen the playlist :)

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   To read :
Blankets is a comic written by Craigh Thompson. The main character is called just like him. Thompson tells us his own life without many words, but with pictures and emotions. It is about his strict education, his early adulthood and about his first big love: Raina.

Craigh grows up in the federal state of Wisconsin, which is a conservative, religious, poor and loveless area. His brother and him are excepted by their classmates, beaten by their father and abused by their babysitter. They take refuge in their own dreamworld of drawing. Later Craigh tries to find his way in religon. But then Raina steps into his life and everything changes...

-Frédéric Beigbeder, 99 Francs (traduced in 21 languages all around the world), L'amour dure trois ans (not traduced I think), etc etc
(You can watch a short movie created from the novel L'amour dure trois ans : L'amour dure trois minutes (love lasts 3 minutes))

It's enough for this week,
Jelena Ilic, Luc Royer, Elodie Hope Springs
Thanks to Romane Dumonteil & Marion Cardouat.

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