December 23, 2010


my best friend is a couple of people that I would not be the same person without.

when I brush my teeth I make funny faces in the mirror.

when I cook it is always noodles for 5 swedish crowns that take three minutes to make.

I am afraid of horror films, worms, to be the one that is left behind.

the worst feeling is restlessness. Or loneliness. Or resignation.

the best feeling is beeing appreciated/beeing happy.

I am best at beeing cheerful and dance when I am all alone in my room.

I am worst at being diciplined and keep order in my room.
I talk to much, to fast, to incoherent.

I like my friends, taking pictures, dresses, chocolate, lying on my friend Carolines floor, autumn, meeting new people, waking up in a tent at a festival not nowing what time it is and still get drunk right away, the smiths, music in general, having a good hair day, dance, giving presents to people I like, playing nintendo with the kids I babysit.
love is painfull (but woth it)

this summer I was in paris and was at two festivals. And I spent more time in parks than anywhere else.

picture (don't remember)

the last time I cried was on my kitchen floor.

when I want to think I lie in my bed, take a walk along the sea, stare into a white wall.

when I bake I let my little sister do it. I can't cook, nor bake.

right now I am thinking about if people are thinking about me since I am constantly thinking about them.

today I have wrapped in christams gifts, spent time with my lovely grandmother, listened to a mixed tape.

tonight I will meet my best friend.

tomorow I will celebrate christmas.

my phone is my fathers old one and always near me.
when I wake up in the morning I always want to stay in bed for just a few more minutes, does not matter when I wake up..

if I was an animal I would love to be a pug or a bluewhale. But if I would become a animal i think I would become a talking parrot most likely.

list found here
(Lovisa Ranta - sweden/europe)

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