December 29, 2010

Emily Karlsson

Hello! I just want say that I'm new on this lovely blog and I hope you will enjoy my looks. Well, anyway.. this is my latest look on LOOKBOOK and I would be glad to have your opinions. xx

Jeans - Cheap Monday, Sweatshirt - American Apparel, Necklace - Vintage, T-shirt - MTWTFSS, Shoes - Carin Wester "Blackbird Blackbird" by Emily Karlsson


  1. I love the shoes and all the look but I think that the bag were better if there was a sentence or a picture on it. I also Think that the lipstick is to dark for a blond lady with this type of skin.
    where did you buy the shoes ??????

  2. Thank you, you're definitely right. But I like my lipstick.. haha. The shoes is from Carin Wester. xx


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